Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Motivational speech at New Balance

I had a wonderful opportunity tonight to visit the Learn to Run clinic at the New Balance store in London. One of their running leaders; Tracy (Steve from the 1/2 marathon clinic's wife) asked me to come and speak to her group about my story and running experience. I met the managers of the store and they even gave me a wonderful gift bag for volunteering to come and speak. The visor rocks (I just started wearing one and it has really helped cool me down with the heat we have been having. I also love the bag which I will be using as my purse this summer.

The group was made up of about 22 people who all looked like great runners. They were very nice but no one asked any questions. I think I had a different experience when I spoke at the Running Room because when you have run with people, and they have met you personally, when you have the chance to tell "your story" they connect with you on a different level. The Running Room group had seen me struggling and fight it out for 6 weeks before I had a chance to speak. When I did share my story, I think people thought of me differently. It is hard to make a connection right away without anyone knowing me. I would have loved to have run with New Balance group tonight after I had spoke and maybe I could of talked to a few more people and answered any questions they had.

I have really enjoyed thinking about my journey and sharing with people. I only want to help people to realize that you can do anything you want and set your mind to do. I hope I helped another person today.