Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Marathon clinic is off to a hot start

Ok, 21 weeks to go and I am hot...and I do not mean the good kind wink wink nudge nudge. London has decided to break all kinds of heat records this first week of our clinic. We ran a 6k last night and a 10k tonight in the blistering heat. Everyone keeps telling me that it will get easier. I am actually missing the freezing cold nights and Sunday mornings from the 1/2 marathon clinic. I can't believe I am saying that as I hate being cold BUT I get really overheated in the sun so I will have to make sure I take lots of water and just slow down or walk - no need to hurt myself for this big accomplishment.
The clinic is going to be great as it is a small tight knit group of people with Tim, the manager of the London store as our leader. He gave us 2 great routes so far and he is very caring towards all his students.
Wish us luck tomorrow night as I take Megan P to her first 10k clinic and run another 6km argggggg.