Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No more "6 week" girl!

I have been famous for doing things for 6 weeks. I can stay on a diet, write to my pen pals, not consume certain foods and drinks...I am great for 6 weeks. Then, I suck, I slowly stop, make excuses and start doing what I was not doing for the 6 weeks...argggg...

So, this marathon clinic which is starting on Tuesday will challenge me to sustain my focus for 19 weeks!

I am really looking forward to pushing myself to run 5 times a week and breaking the 5:45 mark in Chicago. I am even thinking of asking Alicia and Lindsay if they want to run the Toronto marathon as a warm-up for our families to be able to see us run a marathon and to be able to run with our friends (who didn't get a chance to sign up for Chicago.)
Stay tuned.