Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fitness Ridge 2010 here I come!!!

199 here I come.  I just got the call from Nancy that I am in for this summer - yahoooooo.  I am heading back to Fitness Ridge for 3 weeks this summer and can hardly wait.  For 2 of the weeks Lindsay is going to come too - she will love and I know she will kill the "stop sign" route.

My goal is to be 199 when I leave.  If I stay on the same plan as last summer I can lose 1 pound a day for 21 days.  When I got to Fitness Ridge last summer I was 242 and lost 14 pounds down to 228.  I am about 220 now and know that I will work even harder this summer - no blister problems I swear - I will have much better shoes!!!!

I also have set a goal to do the "stop sign route" in less than 1 hour - the best I did it last summer was 1:08 - I can totally break that now with all the help of the Running Room clinics.  Really what I am hoping is that this trip will really help finish off my training for the Chicago Marathon - losing weight and pushing myself will really put me over the edge of mental and physical preparation (along with the Running Room marathon clinic starting May 25th).

Anyways, thanks Fitness Ridge and I can hardly wait to get there and work so hard.