Monday, March 22, 2010

1/2 marathon DONE!

Yeah me!  I ran 21.1 km yesterday and completed it!  It wasn't easy let me tell you. 
First of all I started too fast, then my Garmin watch got all screwed up and my bud Sylvia was feeling great and we separated so I ended running it mostly by myself :(. 
I was totally feeling great until about 10 km when my feet and knees started killing me so today my knee feels sore.  I was last to finish but Sylvia, her friend Mike and the group leader Steve were there to see me finish - it was nice as Steve had water and Gatorade ready for me. (he had his wife and son have a water station 1/2 way through the course too).
I now know what it feels like and will be more prepared for April 11th at Run for Retina - the race we are all doing. 
I now can say to anyone that asks, if I can do a 1/2 marathon you can too - trust me!!!!