Sunday, March 28, 2010

Man I am frustrated

3 major problems right now. 

1. My weight is too high and it is making my runs difficult.  It is really hard on my joints and I am very uncomfortable when I am on the long runs - need to lose more weight.

2. I hate Nike, Adidas, Champion, New Balance and the rest of the athletic gear people - do they not think that fat people need work out clothes.  I spent 2 hours yesterday looking for a simple pair of tights - they just don't make clothes big enough for my size - this sizing problem drove me nuts the past few summers when I was looking for clothes to golf in - it made me quit golfing as I found no clothes that fit and were comfortable except for men's stuff.  The colours and the fit suck in the men's department and I find that now that I am looking for stuff for running - what is their problem!?!!! Make clothes to work out in for plus size people that fits and doesn't look like a shower curtain - do you hear me NIKE!!!!!

3.  I am taking forever to do the long runs!!!  Over 3 hours for a 1/2 marathon are you kidding me - how embarrassing when I am last every time!!! I can not speed up for some reason - I am eating and drinking well in order to prepare but I can not go any faster.  I am so looking forward to Fitness Ridge this summer and working on some cross training to speed up my muscles.

What is a fat girl to do!!!??