Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Welcome to all my Biggest Loser Fitness Ridge Friends

Hello everyone, I am writing today as I am soooo honoured to now be listed as a Fitness Ridge Alumni on their website  I hope that this blogs helps inspire, support, provide some answers and most of all proves that anyone can lose weight, keep it off and stay healthy.

I am currently training here in London, Ontario for a 1/2 marathon taking place on Sunday, April 11th.  It is in support of Run for the Retina.  Our Running Room team have all signed up and are all so excited to push ourselves to do this run in 2:50 - really I am aiming for under 3 hours but have decided to set a tough goal as it is time I STEP IT UP!!!!

I will get a picture today of our amazing leaders Mark and Steve who have led us through this tough winter running but amazing adventure of a Running Room 1/2 marathon clinic.  They have been more than fabulous - they even run with us turtles (name of the group of runners who are at the end of the group aka "slow" but we don't want to be known as slow just turtles.

Last week, Steve and Mark asked if I would speak at our Tuesday night run session - they asked me to prepare a little 10 minute speech about my weight loss and running journey - I told the group all about being fit as a teen, getting Crohns in my 20s and how steroids made my weight balloon to 300 pound by January 2009.  I shared trying everything under the sun to lose weight but it really wasn't until I got to Fitness Ridge did I learn the life long trick of "calories in versus calories out".  I have never spoken to a group before about my struggles with weight loss and it was very cathartic because I had to make some public admittance to struggling - something I hate people knowing.  I am always masking that "things are great" and that "I am fine" when really I am not.  Something that is currently happening in my work life that I am so upset about - it is not fine but I have to mask that it is because I am the leader and leaders can't show too much weakness.

I ended my talk to our group by sharing that I am not a runner but a finisher and I intend to live up to that in my running and career - I will see this year to an end and I will see the marathon to the end - I AM A FINISHER!!!!