Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sick as a dog

Ok, I admit it...I waited a little too long before I went to the doctor.  Over a week ago I got a fever, nothing new for me as I have a busy life and sometimes I get flashes of hotness.  This didn't go away though and the whole holiday weekend was a wash as I was so tired.  By Sunday the body aches started and I knew I was in BIG trouble.  By Tuesday I was sweating all day, not sleeping and got this weird chest the time I hit the doctor on Thursday I had bronchitis - great - this is totally going to killing my training.  I have missed 3 running sessions as I was just hurt'n.  I now have the antibiotics and am on the mend - I have rested and taken it real I did not take a day off work, are you kidding me - I didn't take a day off when I suffered for 72 days with not knowing I had Crohns disease what's a little bronchitis??!!

Interesting fact though, while I was at the doctor he was feeling my lymph nodes and detected a walnut size lump on my thyroid.  He asked if I have struggled with my weight - yes, have I been tired and low on energy - yes, have I had trouble swallowing - YES, well this could be the answer.  I got blood work done yesterday and an ultrasound done today and will know more on Tuesday.  Dr. Barr thinks it is a nodule on my thyroid and it could be serious or not.  Will let you know - but to be honest, it makes a lot of sense about why I have been feeling the way I am.  This should be interesting.

Another interesting note...I plus size model and guess who I do a fashion show for every year...the Thyroid Foundation..hmmm makes you think eh.