Monday, February 1, 2010

Chicago Marathon Here I Come

Today is February 1, 2010 - the day that the registration opens for the 2010 Chicago Marathon. 
I know it will be hard to believe but I have JUST REGISTERED!!!!  Lindsay, Alicia and I are going to run Chicago.  I truly can not believe where I was 1 year ago and where I am today, seriously, I can not believe that in 250 days I will run a marathon. 
Why Chicago you ask?  Well my admin friend Sheila had a picture of herself behind her desk of herself finishing the marathon. She ran it several years ago and it got me thinking that I could do something like that.  Also, Lennie's cousin Kevin ran it and they live in Chicago.  Also, I LOVE CHICAGO.  Every time we go there I just love the atmosphere, the people and the beautiful scenery.
So, 2010 should rock.  So far I have 2 half marathons; April 11th Run for the Retina in London.  May 2nd The Flying Pig in Cincinnati Ohio and the Chicago Marathon.
I can totally do this!