Sunday, February 21, 2010

The human body is amazing

Ok, I know yesterday I posted about my bronchitis so of course this morning I went to running club.  If there is nothing else that you should know about me you should know that I am a bit stubborn.  So, I got up and went to the Sunday run which was scheduled to be a 16km run.  I missed last Sunday's 14km so was to jump from the most I have ever run which was 12km and now do 16km with a lung infection and on antibiotics - crazy eh?!! Yeap.

Well, my friends were there and I told them that I have not been feeling well which they had pieced together because when I did show up for Tuesday/Wednesday runs they knew something big was up.

We all started very slowly and I knew the route was to go through downtown to the Terry Fox Parkway to Guy Lombardo and to the turn around at the Springbank parking lot - 8km out and 8km back.  Do you think that I stopped, walked or stopped?  NOPE, finished the whole run, did our 10:1s and finished in 2:12 - unbelievable as I have never run that far before and I feel great - no, not true as my lungs are really sore and I am relaxing this afternoon but really, I feel great.  Too be honest I am in shock - I ran 16km this morning and did it!! It is truly unbelievable how the human body works.

Thanks again to everyone who posts and comments, I love knowing you are out there and that someone is listening and hopefully enjoying my adventures.  Next Sunday we do the 16km route again so I know we will be faster - it is making me think that we will be able to do the 1/2 marathon in less than 3 hours - my personal goal is 2:50 I think now after seeing today's results that 2:50 is really a possibility.

Cheers for now.