Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Life's 10:1

The Running Room totally has it right!  Learning to run with the 10:1 philosophy has really made me more successful at running.  We run for 10 minutes and then take a walk break for 1 minute - that is their 10:1 running program.  But...I think it can really relate to life as well. 
We talk talk talk, do do do and don't rest and then we wonder why we are exhausted, make mistakes and are unhappy.  We need to get our 1 minute rest in there somewhere.  I think this is why we have weekends - it makes life's 5:2.  We work for 5 days and then get 2 days to catch our breath.  But really, no one takes the whole weekend without reading their e-mail or worrying the next week.  It is starting to really take a toll on me and others I have noticed.
I have seen recently that I have not been taking my 1 minute walk break in my life.  I have found myself overwhelmed at work, upset all the time, easy to tear up and quite "twitchy". 
A friend and I were talking today about how I am feeling and he reminded me that I need to remember that people are watching to see how I handled myself through these busy times - he is right - I need to buck up and stop feeling sorry for myself (and talking about it) and get back to being the confident, hardworking person that I am but it is hard when you haven't taken your walk break in a long time.
I have a person right now who has said some very unkind words about me and more upsetting is that the claims are untrue. 

I need to remember my quotes that I have posted beside me at work through these challenging next few weeks.

Bill P "You have the potential"
Donna G "Consider the source"
Deb F "Don't take anyone's monkey"
Diane D "24 hours and then get over it!"
Bonnie M "Build a bridge and get over it"
Paul M "Know who it seek"
Julie B "Sometimes you need to look out instead of in"
"Do you want to be right or win?"

I promise to continue my 10:1 running program but more importantly, I must adhere to the 5:2 life program!