Friday, January 1, 2010

10km Happy New Year

Last night was the night!! Our final challenge of the 10km clinic. After all the weeks of training, lectures and sore muscles, Lindsay and I met at the Running Room on Richmond for their 25th annual Resolution Run.

I had just returned home from 10 days in Florida with mom and dad for Christmas. I hadn't really train in about 3 weeks and lost some sleep because our flight was delayed a day so we rushed and rushed to get home, unpack and get downtown for 4:30. It was snowing about 0 Celsius. The roads were clear but wet and the sidewalks were slushy.

The run was 2 loops of downtown. The start was a riot - tons of people, easily over 250 people. It was fast and I realized I needed to slow down. By the time I got to Adelaide it was so slushy that it was like running in the sand - tough stuff.

I got the first loop done in 38 minutes and started out for the second. Unfortunately the lack of training and the tiredness set in and it took me a while to get around again. My fans; Lennie, Lindsay (who had finished 20 minutes earlier) Jamie her husband and the clinic participants were all there to cheers me to the finish - 81 minutes - yuck - but my goal was 75 minutes 3 months ago and really if the weather was better I could of easily done that. Imagine if I wasn't tired, rushed and done a couple more runs in Florida.

Lennie got a couple of funny pictures of us starting and finishing.

I am really looking forward to April 11th - the 1/2 marathon - it will be during the day, nicer weather and with more training. Look for updates.