Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Well, here it is. My 41st birthday and I feel....AMAZING. I am happy, healthy and enjoying my hilarious day at school. I arrived to a huge bulletin board created by all the classes entitled "The 41 Ways that Mrs. Zeisner is Amazing". Each class was given a letter or letters of the alphabet and the students created an 11x17 poster with descriptive words about me - totally cool.

The pictures, words and ideas are all student driven and some of them totally cracked me up. For example, Mr. Webster's grade 2 class got the letter "O" and listed Mrs. Zeisner is...Outgoing, Outlandish, Outstanding and Oh La La. It is so funny that a grade 2 thinks about me and thinks Oh La La. I wish Tom Cruise would think of me and think Oh La La. Anyways, not since I was sick in 2007 have I felt so loved, appreciated and special.