Monday, September 21, 2009

Just how lucky I am

I have been reflecting a lot recently on just how lucky I am. Not only to be healthy and happy but to have the support system of such a great family around me.

My husband and I are celebrating 21 years together this month - we met at UWO in Phys ed and after a date to the school pool hall we have been together ever since. I am very proud that we have weathered the storm of tough times and shared in so many great times. Besides 2 rather ridiculous fights - sorry bud...(get him to tell you of time he pulled his pants down at the Worley Road house and the time he decided that going to African Lion Safari would be a good time) we have stuck together. The photo is of our family last summer in Vegas at our wedding renewal - our costumes were a riot.

My parents too have helped me feel so lucky. I remember how lucky I was to have a mom that was a stay at home mom until I was in grade 6. My mom being at home gave me lots of great skills such as cooking and caring for a home which helped me understand math (fractions while cooking) which had been difficult for me. When my mom went back to work it was great too as she showed us all how to balance a family and a job. She went to school to upgrade her skills and eventually retired from a wonderful career in insurance. My dad worked hard at UWO and would walk to and from work to be home when we were teenagers. I got to see him everyday while I was at university and he and my mom enjoy a great retirement together now.

MY brothers have always been supportive of my crazy ideas and are such hard workers. I think a lot of our work ethic comes from our whole immediate and extended family which have all been very accomplished in their fields.

Man am I lucky.