Sunday, September 13, 2009

So far. so good

Week one of school is done and still no caffeine needed to get through the day. I also have brought my lunch everyday, eaten breakfast and had a healthy dinner - so cool. Still no red meat consumed but have had a couple of glasses of red wine - Emily the dietitian felt it was a good choice if you were to chose to have alcohol.

As for the exercise part - zippo - way too tired when I am home - one day I was home after 9:00 trying to get our school newsletter ready to go home. This week is rough too as I have Meet the Teacher night and a staff meeting. I have been walking a lot more and a lot less complaining. I did hit a couple of golf balls on Saturday with Rich and Lennie and I still hate it - didn't hit one straight - I have totally lost my touch and continue to not want to retake it up.

I have now made the cookies from the cookbook and made homemade oatmeal cinnamon raisin whole wheat bread - amazing - best one I have ever made - I think fresh yeast helped too. Lennie and I have enjoyed the parfaits for breakfast - lots of protein and fruit - great start to the day and we even put a little Grape Nuts cereal in there for crunch - yummy.

Let's see how well this week goes far, so good.