Monday, September 7, 2009

Positive Possibilities

Well, I have been back to work for a couple of weeks and all positive. I brought my lunch, didn't drink any coffee, hit the gym in the morning before school and even went out to lunch and was able to order well.

We also went away for a night to Niagara Falls where I needed to make good choices at lunch and dinner - no problems. With the learning from FR, I am able to keep my portions small, choice lots of fresh fruits and veggies plus order water to drink. I am feeling terrific.

I did drink red wine though....I had a glass with my friends at lunch and the a bottle at the Purvis' last fire pit of the summer. I still feel great because normally I would eat a ton at the same time but I still do not have cravings like I use to.

I made the fruit parfaits this week because my Mori-Nu pudding got delivered from the states. They were so delicious and even Lennie ate one and liked it - he actually wanted a second one but I took it for a friend at work. I will certainly make more of them - I really liked it for breakfast too as I put a couple of layers of strawberries in it and sprinkled the Kashi granola on top - Yummo!!

I am excited for tomorrow - the kids all arrive back at school - should really test the coffee intake test and I must continue to eat before I go to school and make sure I bring my lunch. I can do it!!! I did try to find some new clothes on the weekend but I am not fitting into size 16 at the store so I am going to continue to wear what I have and look for clothes in a month or so when I weigh less.

Cheers for now - I really miss my FR and my FR friends :).