Monday, August 31, 2009

Bye Bye Crohns disease

Yeap, it's true...I saw Dr. Chande this morning and the news was HUGE. I am in remission from Crohns disease. White blood cells perfect, colonoscopy perfect and biopsies perfect. No more Remicade. When I asked how could this happen, they didn't know but are hoping that the Remicade worked. They still label me as "high risk" because I have been hospitalized for the Crohns so I have to have a yearly colonoscopy - ok - no probs as long as I do not have to have any infusions, any more meds or poking and prodding - amazing news eh!!!

I wonder what kind of link my healthier lifestyle will play in this amazing discovery. It must as having fresh fruit and veggies, no caffeine or alcohol and limited red meat must help the health of your colon - don't you think?

I think all the water and exercise has to help too - now if I can keep the stress down and the sleep up - it should all be good.

Stay tuned.