Sunday, August 23, 2009

The weigh out results are in!

Ok, so I hiked up crazy rocks, spent 22 hours doing water aerobics, got 4 huge blisters, did not consume any caffeine, sugar, dairy, or red meat. I did cardio, step, kickboxing, dance and stretch classes. I attended every lecture, class, meal, meeting and did every challenge. I NEVER hit the salad bar or ate extra dessert. I flew 1000s of miles and took 2 weeks away from my family. I crushed my big toe, sprained an ankle, turned into a lizard skinned lady,and had trouble what did that give me RESULTS!!!!!

Are you ready to see???

Are you sure???

Here we go???

Weight - 242 - now 228 - that's 14 pounds my friends!
Body Fat -41.8 - now 35.5 - that's getting healthier!
BMI - 35.7 - now 33.6 - getting much healthier!
Chest - 46 - now 44.75 - sorry Lennie
Belly - 46 - now 43.25 - big difference from the side
Hips - 50 - now 48.50
Thighs - 24.5 - now 25 - that's muscle build up my friends!!
Calf - 17.5 -17.5 - don't care as I lost everywhere else :)
Arm - 15.5 - now 14.5 - pump it up!

Total inches lost TONS!!!!!!

Is it worth it to come to Fitness Ridge...YES..don't forget to tell them that I sent you and YOU save $100 - it will change who you are on the outside but really and almost more importantly, it will make you stronger on the inside.