Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day 14 - Sunday, August 23

Here I go day so far has been perfecto - got up at 6:15am to see Shane off. It is a perfect temperature day - cool and humid - the storm last night is continuing this morning and keeping the crazy hot away. I did my weigh out at 7:05 with Marjorie and John (boy was I pleased with 14 pounds) and then ate breakfast with Kent, Lisa and Maria (they are hitting Target today!!)

I have checked out, got my shuttle to Vegas (slept the whole 2 hour trip) and now waiting at gate D36 for the flight to Detroit. It sure smells good here - Cinnabon - yummo - but, totally not interested in sabotaging any of the work I just did. I do love Vegas though.

I have been thinking about how I will answer the question..."Should I go to Fitness Ridge?" My answer to that will be, "I can not make that decision for you." I would love to show the photos and especially the DVDs so that you can check out if it is the place for you. If you love hiking, need a kick start for a new fit life and like a lot of structure then go for it. You will know if you are ready or not.

I will really miss all the people and I continue to feel that the experience was really like fit camp - I want to go back for the same time next year and hope that the same people are there as that is what made it terrific.

I do need to make a few promises to myself though; I will not complain about humidity ever again, I will take better care of my feet, I will run a 10km race, I will walk home from work, I will continue to wear my heart monitor watch to track calories in and calories out, I will not get "all you can eat popcorn" again at the movies, I will ride my bike to the Purvis', I will buy water weights to use in the pool.

I have decided to post to this blog on Sundays to continue my fit battle - stay tuned for updates.

Thank you to everyone for their support, encouragement and thoughts - I couldn't have done it without all of you.