Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day 13 - Saturday, August 22

Our schedule today was ...
6:30 - final stop sign hike
9:30am - Breakfast - cereal with fruit
10:15am - water aerobics
11:15am - water aerobics
12:30 pm - Lunch - tomato soup with tuna salad - delicious
4:45pm - DVD and graduation
5:00pm hair appointment - thank god as it is a rat's nest
6:00pm - Dinner - chicken and rice stir fry with sorbet

Remember last Saturday...I did the stop sign route in 1:13 well today I did it in 1:09 yeap that is 1 minute slower than Monday but I had to compare apples to apples. That is fantastic. Burned 1100 calories up to the top of hill. Only 37 people did it this morning as everyone is so pooped. I feel terrific and am excited for the last two classes of our time here.

I had to say goodbye to Sonny this afternoon - he is going to Vegas to meet his girlfriend for the weekend and he has completed his last week here - he lost tons of weight and lots of inches. He helped motivate all of us and was too funny for words - good luck Sonny back in California with your farm business and horses.

Tamera had to leave today too. She was a great roomie - I know I said that she was great because she did not snore but I do not think I could of been paired with anyone better for me. She was very neat and tidy, a great athlete to push us all on, hard worker in and out of the gym, funny and I loved to hear her talk about life in Alabama and being married to a guy from Belgium - all around great person.

Tomorrow Shane leaves :( she and I met within 5 minutes of being here and have done tons together - I am glad she is only 7 hours away in Chicago and I know I will see her again and I hope she will come to Canada to meet Lennie and stay for a weekend of fun - she is studying to be a teacher and she will be amazing.

This place does something to everyone - if you let it - kind of like life rehab in a way - you see what you are capable of, you learn what you need or do not need in your life and they send you on your way to continue growing. (hopefully in and not out)

Tonight's DVD and pictures that Dillon put together are amazing and what a difference from last week. I am so happy I stayed 2 weeks - perfect time.

My hair turned out great - nice and healthy now for school to start.

I am starting to gather a list of things that I love about this place;

  • ceiling fans in the rooms
  • tons of handouts to take home
  • amazing food
  • trainers are so positive and helpful
  • the spa
  • such great service in the dining room
  • water everywhere to drink
  • the name tag card you carry around your neck for convenience
  • horses out back
  • cute kitchen staff
  • Emily and Kwinten's lectures
  • the varied classes you take
  • the pool, hot tub and steam room
  • the hiking
  • the lectures
  • the robes
  • everyone and I mean everyone knows your name - please stay small FR!
I am just finishing packing and watching a huge storm roll through - I never thought it rained here but we had a wicked storm at dinner and it continues to rain now. I had the chance to sit and hang with Shane, Lisa and Maria tonight before finishing my laundry. I am very sad to be leaving and know that I will return fitter, stronger and able to beat Stop Sign in under 1 hour.

I will be back tomorrow with my final measurements...should be good...don't think that I am totally different by the way - it has only been two weeks but I certainly feel terrific and look forward to seeing Lennie and the Tigster.