Sunday, August 30, 2009

There's no place like...the gym

Home for one week and I can not believe that I have actually stuck to a plan, ate well and exercised.

I went back to work on Tuesday and biked home on Thursday - about 10 kms and did it in 45 minutes but really slowly as finding a safe route without cars cursing at you will be rough - but I plan on continuing - walking will take more than 2 hours so the biking will be awesome.

Megan and I also hit the ski hill with the kids yesterday and burned over 500 calories in 1 1/2 hours going up and down the hills - I even carried 7 year old Emma up once to see if I could get my heart rate up - I did - 180!!!

I have also walked to the grocery store - Lennie drove up and I met him - took no time at all - kind of embarrassing to think of all the gas and laziness spent getting there in the past.

I got an exercise ball from Rainer at work but my principal does not think that I should sit on it in my office - doesn't think I should have parent meetings with it - oh well, will bring home and sit on it here and do more exercises anyways.

Food has been great. Made many recipes from the cookbook. Right away made the cereal mix and have it ready to go at all times - had to drive to Port Huron to find Post Grape Nuts but stocked up for desserts. Also made turkey enchiladas - amazing and so filling - was planning on eating have the casserole dish but had to settle for one scoop - it's a miracle because in the past I would have stuffed myself with a second helping. Also made the breakfast smoothie - blueberry, strawberry and banana with the tofu - yeap, I am eating the tofu!!! I have looked high and low for the Mori-Nu pudding mix to make the desserts but can not locate anyway so I checked the Internet and found the Mori-Nu website. They do not ship to Canada but several other health food stores do so after some calls, price checking and searching, I found a place in Michigan that will ship anyway in Canada for $10.99 - yahoo - I ordered 12 of chocolate, vanilla and the lemon - can hardly wait for it to get here for the parfait and key lime pie.

I have gone out to eat this week. Had lunch with Deb and Heather and ordered the chicken salad on whole wheat - came with a fruit salad and got water to drink. Lennie and I went for dinner in Port Huron when we were shopping for the Tofu products and I ordered the fajitas - no cheese or sour cream and they were delicious - probably ate 1 too many - know for next time - ordered water to drink too. Still no alcohol, caffeine or dairy oh... or red meat - my system is sooooo happy.

I weighed myself this morning for the first time on my scale and it says 100 kg. That is 22o pounds - amazing - this works and I can work so watch out 199!!!

Stay tuned as I go back to school with all the teachers next week to see if stress contributes to me falling off the wagon - thanks for the support and please continue to keep me accountable!