Monday, August 24, 2009

And the work begins at home

Arrived home at 3:15 after a very, very long day. Lennie picked me up at the shuttle stop and we came home and watched the DVD of FR and looked at pictures. I was thrilled to find a beautiful framed picture that I took that Lennie and Scotty got for me - it will be hung in my office tomorrow to remind me of the great times at FR.

I got up at 11:30 and put my watch on to track my calories burn in a typical day - needless to say, very few. So, after a visit with mom and dad, I walked - yeap walked the grocery store to start finding some products to cook with - found the Mori-Nu tofu but no pudding for the delicious parfaits - I have e-mailed Mori-Nu in California to ask how I can get the pudding here in Canada. I then walked to a 2nd store and home again now burning 1200+ for the day.

Lennie and I made a delicious dinner with chicken and wraps, veggies and hummus as the spread - amazing how yummy things are at home - I even weighed my food and calculated the total calories.

I am off now to make the Kashi mix for our cereal in the morning - found the Almond milk and Lennie got the Kashi bars at Costco - I asked him to switch a lot of the products to whole grain and not just whole wheat - all will help.

Stay tuned for more progress as I head for 199~~~!!!