Sunday, August 9, 2009

Oh my god - no way!!

First the cool news - Flippe and Sionne from the Biggest Loser show are here - they are lovely and are guests just like us.

The next cool news - it is totally like camp - our rooms are great and feel like we are making it into a cabin. The food is served in a dining hall - for dinner tonight they served a whole wheat pasta with tons of vegetables on it and a chocolate pie - ok - not a real chocolate pie but a tofuie thing that was ok - I plan on trying everything.

The tough news, we get 1200 calories a day - 300 breakfast, 400 lunch and 500 dinner.

The toughest news - tomorrow - 6:00am 9 mile hike - yes I said 9 mile hike. They bus us to Snow Mountain state park and we must walk up 4.5 miles with a 1000 foot change in elevation and they time us to the top. We redo this walk each Saturday and Monday to see if we have improved - IMPROVED - how about survived.

Tonight at dinner they gave us an intro and talked a lot about feet and water. You will not believe the schedule we have for tomorrow - you must read tomorrow's entry to see for yourself what 6 hours of working out looks like - and this is on top of the hike - yeap, that's right - the 9 mile hike for 3 hours, then breakfast, then pool stretch, lunch, circuit training, step class and pool - oh my god!

I have met the nicest people who are all here from all over the country - Texas, Chicago, Kentucky and even Hawaii. There are people of all sizes, shapes, nationalities, abilities and personalities. I really like the fact that it is just about changing your life - successful living.

Funny thing of the day is the confessing that is happening by everyone - what they actually weight, eat during the day, amount of exercise etc - my bud Shane from Chicago smuggled her coffee maker here because she can't live without it - too funny.

Wish me luck as I am off to bed to prepare for this crazy day tomorrow - watch for the update at the end of the day to see the results.