Sunday, August 9, 2009

Let the journey begin.

Well, travelling to Vegas to catch the shuttle to Utah is awesome as we had to spend a couple of days there - didn't win any $$$ this trip but got a lot of sun, saw 3 shows; Wayne Brady, V, and Rodney Carrington.

In preparation for the ranch I made sure that I walked my ass off in Vegas. I wore my pedometer and recording most days over 11 km of walking and got up each morning at 8:00am to do a fast 5km hike up the strip - to Mandalay Bay or The Wynn. Lindsey did come one morning but really it was quite hot and I don't blame anyone else not wanted to tag along.

I boarded the St. George Exe. shuttle at the Vegas airport after dropping Lennie at the gate to fly home. The trip to Fitness Ridge is only a couple of hours with an hour time change so I arrived at 2:45pm at the ranch to check into my cute/quaint room.

My roomie is a girl named Tamera from Iowa and she is great - a pre school teacher and married to a guy working on his PhD so she rocks!

Got my stats completed - weight, fat % and BMi - great to have a starting point. I wasn't going to post them here but really if I am going to make a big life change I need to share them as a form of admittance. If you dare to see them read on - if you want to continue to think that I am this gorgeous healthy athlete then DO NOT LOOK!

Starting weight - 242
BMI - 35.7
Fat % - 41.8 - yeap that is big but this is the reason I am here.

I know I know - crappy eh - when the hell did all this pile on - Crohns? Stress? Teaching? Oh, I know - LAZINESS!!! Stay tuned for the update after I wander the place and get acquainted.