Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 1 - Monday, August 10

Our schedule today was as follows:

6:15am - Meet for hike
6:30am - Leave for hike
9:30am - Breakfast - scrabbled eggs, whole wheat eggmuffin, turkey bacon and bowl of fruit
10:15am - Lecture on our Resting Metabolic Rates
11:15am - Water Aerobics
12:45 pm - Lunch - chilli with corn bread
1:15 pm - Lecture on understanding caloric burning
2:00pm - Intro to circuit training
2:30pm - Circuit Training
3:30pm - Step aerobics
4:30pm - Water Aerobics
5:45 pm - Dinner - baked chicken, mashed sweet potatoes, asparagus and pineapple cake
6:15pm - Lecture on portion control

Ok, let's talk about the hike. It is called the Stop Sign route because you walk 4.3 miles straight up until you get to the top of Snow Mountain state park and hit a stop sign. 52 people are here this week with 30 people being new - I was not sure how many would make it to the top (if I could do it)

Well, I did it - walked with my Ipod, looked at all the sites, including the place where they filmed Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and made it in 1 hour and 17 minutes. (totally can do it faster but they warned us to pace ourselves)((will be much faster tomorrow)). Not bad but not good either -34 people made it up and the AWESOME news is that I walked all the way back down - 8 others did that, which means I did 8.6 miles of hiking before breakfast. I was crying once I touched the stop sign - they take your picture to remember the event - I was a tad sweaty!!!

But this was just the start. As you can see from our day - we burned well over 2000 calories today doing all of the classes - you have to go too or as they keep attendance and find you if you are not there. I like that - hold me accountable! I can not believe I am able to still be up or alive as I have never done this much in one day EVER and I need to remember that it all starts over again tomorrow!

Cool tips learned today.

1. It takes burning 3500 calories to lose 1 pound
2. Take your weight, divide by 2 and change that # to ounces and that is what you should drink in water a day.
3. If you blow back into your camel back after you have drunk, the water will return to the pack to stay cooler than in the tube.

The lecture series that we attend this week is amazing. Facts, tips, calculations and the learning is what will help me back at home to continue this journey. Today we calculated our resting metabolic rate (calories we burn just living) and mine is 1823. So if I add to that the 2000 calories we burned working out and subtract the 1200 I ate I have 2123 left over - that means that I am well on my way today to losing a pound (remember the 3500 rule) Coolest thing I have learned!

Blister count - 2.5 - ouch