Monday, August 3, 2009

Packing for Fitness Ridge

Ok, so I have wanted to go to Fitness Ridge for many years. My teaching partner at Amethyst: Donna Garvey told me about her friends that have gone there, had a great time, lost weight and learned all about fitness - perfect for me - now I just needed to save the $$$. Thanks to some gifts from Lennie, some wins at the slots and a few cashed in RSSPs I am on my way Tuesday. Well, actually next Sunday, August 9th. We are flying to Vegas tomorrow to have a great vacation together before I leave and go to Fitness Ridge for 2 weeks while Lennie returns home from Vegas.

I know that I will have a great time. I have read every article, blog, site and Facebook page about the place and seen so much of it on the Biggest Loser show that I feel I alrealy know the place.

I got a call last week from Nancy and Kate from FR asking if I had any questions and that I knew it was a dairy free place and somewhat vegen in nature - perfect, bring on the tofu - need to try new stuff because obviously what I have tried doesn't work.

I went to Birch Run with the Purvis' a couple of weeks ago and got some great hiking shoes, good socks and work out clothes that fit.

I will finish packing tonight and see you all after Vegas.