Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 9 - Tuesday, August 18

Our schedule today was a busy one...

6:15am - Meet for hike
6:30am - Leave for hike
9:30am - Breakfast - bowl of mixed fruit and muesli
10:15am - Open Gym
11:15am - Yoga
12:15 pm - Lunch - turkey sandwich and a bowl of minestrone
1:00 - Open gym - this is getting tough as last week we got to rest during lectures
1:30 - Calorie Challenge
2:30pm - Pool
3:30pm - Cardio Circuit
4:30pm - Total Toning
5:30 pm - Dinner - Enchiladas and chocolate covered strawberries

Today I did an intermediate hike with our guides; Jeff, Don and Michelle. It was called ChuckWalla. I really liked how scenic it was but it was not too much climbing just a lot of trail walking. We all felt great about our hikes today because at breakfast we had burned about 1100 calories so we really pushed hard at open gym.

We had our first Battle of the Bulge competition after lunch - Calorie Challenge. We were given 5 pictures of food and had to guess the number of calories. Our team worked hard together but did not win the challenge - the green team won. It was really fun and we are really looking forward to the obstacle course tomorrow night. This is a picture my roomie Tamera, Shane and my bud Lisa from Lexington. We all got onto team blue together so it makes it even more fun. As you can also see, we all look fabulous in blue :)

Today was really hard. Without the rest time after breakfast we have to go to open gym where our butts are kicked into shape in a cardio circuit - I did not feel well after todays morning and needed to lie down after lunch - my blood sugar was a little too low (normal thing for me when I am working hard) and I just needed a 20 minute rest - I felt awesome after lying down and kicked butt in the activities this afternoon - burned over 3500 calories again today (Flippe told us that they burned 6000 a day on the Big Loser)((I couldn't imagine how hard that would be!))

They told us that if we have anyone who wants to come here that they save $100 off their trip if they tell FR that I was here - so go for it and save $100.

Everyone is starting to think about going home and how they will transfer their learn knowledge back to "real life". My thing will be trying to figure out how to burn a lot of calories in a day - I think I might need to walk home from work each day - get Lennie to drop me off and walk the way back - it is pretty close to what I do each morning here and think it might work into my schedule.

I haven't had a spa treatment yet and thought about getting a pedicure but I think I will get a hair treatment and trim so I look fabulous when I get home - I have it scheduled for Saturday night - most of my buds are leaving Saturday so it will keep me busy and all the working out is done Saturday at noon.

I am really looking forward to Sunday morning as they do your measurements!!! I am excited to see the results - today we all were kind of a little depressed about our progress as we had toning and still looked in the mirror and saw rolls!! Sonny our bud from California reminded us that this is only the start of a battle but we now have the armour!