Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day 10 - Wed, August 19

Our schedule today was a busy one...

6:15am - Meet for hike
6:30am - Leave for hike

9:30am - Breakfast - fruit parfait
10:15am - Open Gym
11:15am - Pool
12:30 pm - Lunch - parsnip soup and Hawaiian pizza
1:15 - Open gym (this was not mandatory so I had a nap - way overdue)
2:30pm - Mountain
3:30pm - Pool
4:30pm - Kick Boxing
5:30 pm - Dinner - Salmon fillets with wasabi potatoes and berry cake (I ate it and kind of liked it)
7:00 - obstacle course

Hike today was terrific as a whole bunch of us did the west canyon route and hustled our way to the end - we also beat our last week's time - I ran (ok shuffled) the last mile and finished with 1100 calories burned
before breakfast.

Wednesday is rough - half way through the week and a lot of classes today along with the big challenge at night - Target trip was at the same time so I had to make the big sacrifice but the competition was awesome. The staff (who rock by the way) set up a course at the local park;run through hopes, under a bar, score a soccer goal, jump rope 10 times, score a basket, hit a tennis ball over the net 3 times and then run through several cones - we lost again but did really well as our team was only made of 7 girls tonight - the green team won again - arggg - we will win tomorrow in the pool at the challenge.

I noticed today that people were a little tired and crabby - it be expected when your body is hurt'n - you should see my feet - ouch. Also, our buddy Kent from Colorado was really sad and missing his kids - he is here for 6 weeks - he has lost 20 pounds already in a couple of weeks and looks great.

Not sure if you have seen it in the news but a hiker went missing in Snow Canyon park Sunday night. (he was not a guest at FR but a local person) ((tons of people hike where we go in the morning)). We have all been worried about him as Monday morning during our hike up to "Stop Sign" because helicopters and searchers were along our route, well we found out last night that he was found, alive, hurt but alive. You must check out this link to see the dramatic helicopter rescue - it will also give you an idea of how amazing these rocks are.

I wanted to tell you my favourite part of FR. It was a hard decision because the people truly make it the place it is
but so does the scenery, the food, the gyms, the fun but for is the pool. Being someone who has always loved to swim, was a life guard, swimmer in high school and pool owner; for that part of the day I can always imagine myself at home with the Purvis' lounging with the kids - ok once the classes start that dream goes away because they kick your ass into shape - but it is so nice, warm, big and challenging.