Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 8 - Monday, August 17

I have to start by telling you about today's hike. Remember a week ago..I was totally freaking out about the big 8.6 mile hike up to "stop sign". Remember I did 1:17...well as you know on Saturday we did it again and I got 1:13 well just with 1 day's rest and 1 week did it in 1:08..yep that is right 1:08 - my goodness. I was 2 minutes ahead of my time at the turn; 41 minutes so I knew that I was doing well but I did not feel as strong or have my bud Rauni behind me pushing me. But, my buddy Mike was right there and my goal was to beat him - did I mention that he is a 63 year old guy - so I needed to beat him as I was starting to feel like a slug behind him each time.

I decide to run past him at the turn and I knew that things were great near the top because my 68 minute podcast that I listen to on the Ipod was still going and it was still going as I ran across the finish line - I also took a funnier picture at the stop sign this time, now that I know it goes on the DVD. What do you think it will be next Saturday?? Can I break the 1 hour mark?? Let's aim for under 1:05.

6:15am - Meet for hike
6:30am - Leave for hike
9:30am - Breakfast - bowl of mixed fruit and an egg mcmuffin
10:15am - Open Gym (this is where we get to chose what we want to do for 45 minutes - 12 of us are really pushing each other this week so we all did cardio circuit
11:15am - Stretch class
12:15 pm - Lunch - broccoli spinach soup with tacos
1:45 pm - Open gym
2:30pm Step-n-Pump
3:30pm - Water Aerobics
4:30pm - Cardio Circuit
5:30 pm - Dinner - Baked chicken with cobbler
6:15 Tai Chi

The watch that I bought has completed transformed my day. I wear a band around my chest that is a heart monitor that sends a message to my watch showing my heart rate. I am then able to see that I am not dying on the hikes and that I am capable of doing a lot more. What I love it that it tells you your accumulative calories burned throughout the day - I was already at 2100 at 1:30pm so if I am consuming 1200 calories for the day - I have already burned those off and working on burning the fat. The mantra that they continue to teach here is "Calories in vs. Calories out"

Remember when I called this fat camp - I really want to apologize and take that statement back - this is so much more - it really is fitness camp and their focus is on you getting fit - I am so happy that I learned that here as I want people to know that getting fit is so much better than getting thin.

Someone asked if I see any difference in my body yet - I can tell that I have lost some weight but they say you lose a lot of body fat than anything and that would make me so much happier as that means that I am so much healthier.

They put us on our Battle of the Bulge teams today - I am on blue team. I am with most of the "stay overs" and that is terrific as we get to rotate through the classes together too.

Forgot to tell you another cool thing they do here - remember how neat it was to get the robe when you arrive - well, when you complete your hikes and get into the vans, they hand you a towel that was wet and then frozen - love the cold towel after the hike - they have thought of everything!