Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 7 - Sunday, August 16

Last night was amazing. Seeing Footloose in the middle of a canyon mountain at an outdoor amphitheatre was too cool. There were bats flying all around throughout the performance and they even lit fireworks at the end - one caught the canyon floor on fire and we all freaked out but the crew got out there fast and got them out but I did have a moment or two of sheer panic about getting up the stairs and out. The show was Broadway quality and then even had a real horse, goats, car, motorcycle and even tractors that they crashed making the bad guy land in a real lake - you had to be there.

Thank goodness that we had today off - it was a bitter sweet day as our buds who have finished their weeks left and everyone was sad to go but we were so happy to be staying. I was able to sit by the pool for a couple of hours, get Cody in the pro shop to hook me up with my heart rate monitor watch (Polar FT 40F coolest thing ever -tells you your heart rate all the time so you know when you need to get it higher to be burning plus, it keeps track of your calories burned and your workouts. You wear a watch and a chest band that sends a signal to the watch of your heart rate. Cody has set me up for sure!!! Tamera, Sonny and I also hit Target today and all the rookies arrived - boy are they in for a shock!.
Breakfast today consisted of a wonderful waffle with fruit. Lunch was provided for all the guests that are "stay overs" and it was amazing - a tuna sandwich, pea soup, veggies and fruit. Dinner was pasta with chocolate pie.

Tonight we were all given the rules for the Battle of the Bulge competition - long story short - in order to participate and win the cash prizes you have to attend all the meals, hikes, classes and LECTURES again. Well, the "stay overs" do not want to attend the lectures again as they are the same as this week. During that time they offer open gym which means you chose an activity to do; anything you wish. So, we all decided to not compete and to chose to burn calories instead of sitting through the lectures but we will be competing in the team competitions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Tomorrow we are assigned our teams and the competitions announced. So far we know there is a pool game, calorie counting game and obstacle course off site activity - sounds like fun. They reduce the prize money too so we really didn't think it was necessary to redo our week 1 in order to win $500 or $250. My thinking was that I need to learn to chose to be active when there is free time - this week will teach me that and that is the most important skill that I want to take away from here. Plus, I am now competing against myself to beat my "stop sign" time.

Will post the new week schedule tomorrow and let you know my new "stop sign" time.