Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 6 - Sat, August 15

Our schedule today was as follows:

6:15am - Meet for hike
6:30am - Leave for hike
9:30am - Breakfast - bowl of mixed fruit, English muffin with jam, and a banana smoothie
10:15am - Circuit training
11:15am - Water Aerobics
12:30pm - Lunch - Thai pumpkin soup with tilapia tacos
1:30pm - Coyote Gulch trip
4:45pm - Slide show and Graduation
5:30 pm - Dinner - falafel and milk and cookies
8:30pm Footloose at the canyon theatre.

Well, my day didn't start off well - no sleep at all (just so you know, no one is sleeping so it is not me). I was quite pooped from a week of workouts and such sore feet. I decided today that I would run for the first 1 1/2 miles and then chug the rest of the way up the incline. I had the same exact time at the turn 43 minutes, so that meant I had 27 minutes to get to the stop sign in order to hit 1:10. I started to feel so strong and great at the end that I ran the last 1/2 mile and got a time of 1:13 that is 4 minutes off my time or really 1 minute faster miles - awesome eh!!! Found out today that the top of mountain is 4150 feet about sea level - that is high right. Monday we do it again so I will see if a day of rest will get me to 1:10
You will be surprise to hear that I did eat the salmon burger last night and the fish tacos today at lunch - I hate fish but have continued to stick to their plan. Notice the nice robe I am wearing..when you check in, everyone gets a robe to wear around and since I have water aerobics before lunch some of us wear them to lunch. Notice the nice raccoon eyes must have glasses on all the time as it is so bright.

I forgot to mention something cool...a couple of days ago they asked if we would like to sign a waiver to allow photos and videos taken of us for new promo stuff here at FR. I signed it and of course the photographer and videographer have been all over campus. Problem is... I always look like someone who sweats a lot and is wearing clothes so big that I wondering how yucky I will look in some sort of flyer for FR - maybe not the best idea.

Had a great afternoon at the artisan village - tons of pottery, jewelery and photography for sale. Bought my parents a cool piece of pottery for displaying flowers - something I have not seen before so I think they will like that.

Tonight was graduation. All of the guest who have completed their stay have a moment to speak about their time here, they show a slide show of all the photos and video taken this week by the staff (we all got a CD and DVD for free to bring home). Plus, if you completed everything; all hikes, lectures and classes you get a gift - it depends on your # of weeks here but I earned a shirt this week. Next week if I do not miss anything I get a bag - 3 weeks is a jacket (when I come back you get to continue where you left off - 4 weeks is a $65 gift certificate.

Tomorrow is the day of rest, they do not want you to do anything but relax so we will be lounging by the pool and playing games for sure.

Off to see the musical Footloose tonight so need to get ready.