Friday, August 14, 2009

Day 5 - Friday, August 14

Our schedule today was as follows:

6:15am - Meet for hike
6:30am - Leave for hike
9:30am - Breakfast - bowl of mixed fruit and a fritatta
10:15am - Preparing for week 2 of FR
11:15am - Water Aerobics
12:45 pm - Lunch - chicken noodle soup with sloppy joes
1:15 pm - Emotional Eating WOW - learned about moving into intuitive eating - no sadness or fear here - living in the moment
2:30pm - Living Drums - try pounding on an exercise ball for 45 minutes while jumping around - a RIOT!
3:30pm - Circuit Training- 30 machines 2 minutes each - KILLER
4:30pm - Cardio Disco Jam - are you kidding me - at the end of the week - dancing KILLER!
5:45 pm - Dinner - Salmon burger with banana cake

Today has been the best day. Our hike, classes and lectures have all been very moving, inspiring, fun and so helpful. I ate the damn salmon even though I hate it - my buddy Sonny from California said I had to eat it or I didn't get my cake - I sucked it up for dessert.

My buddies Rauni and Kara again signed me up for the next level of hiking. We moved to the Intermediate level and hiked the 'White Rocks" route - 3 miles to see piano rock and back across and down - so tough but again so beautiful. I am so glad they signed me up or I would just be walking that damn Stop Sign route everyday. Speaking of that route - tomorrow we do it again to see if we have improved our time - I am aiming for 1:10 which is 7 minutes off my time - I know that I can improve.

Some people have been asking how I have been feeling regarding Crohns stuff - well I am happy to report that feel terrific - with so much fibre, no caffeine, no sugar, no milk and tons of whole grains and exercise my system is so happy - it is quite the joke here about people's "systems" working so well.

It is amazing that only after 5 days of the program how strong everyone feels - this is where the boot camp part really works. They push you and you follow them past what you think you were capable of - it is pretty emotional to see and feel when you think - there is no way I can do another mile, class or activity and you do it. It also makes you think how wimpy I have been back home thinking, I can not walk around the track another time, go to the gym today or even take a walk as I am so tired - oh yes I can now!!!

Did I mention how dry it is here. When I was thinking of all the stuff that I was worried about - blisters, dehydration, chaffing, headaches from no coffee, sugar, etc. It is the dryness that is killing me - bleeding noses, yucky skin and so thirsty all the time - I have gone through all my moisturizers and Kleenexes that I can get my hands on.

Tomorrow I have signed up for an afternoon trip to Coyote Gulch; an artisan community about3 miles away where we can stroll shops and booths to see local artists at work. At night, I am going to see Footloose at Tuacahn theatre - which is an outdoor theatre built into the side of a mountain - a couple of the kids from So You Think You Can Dance are starring in it. Check out the virtual tour at

It was great talking to Lennie last night - Lennie is not too lonesome but golfing and hanging with the Purvis'/Dimitroffs/mom & dad so that make me feel good that he and the Tiggster are ok.

Think of me tomorrow morning at 6:45 (8:45am) your time as I get up to the top of Snow Canyon in a faster time.