Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 2 - Tuesday, August 11

Our schedule today was as follows:

6:15am - Meet for hike
6:30am - Leave for hike
9:30am - Breakfast - bowl of mixed fruit and a huge pineapple muffin or bowl of cereal
10:15am - Core Strengthening
11:15am - Water Aerobics (chose this over yoga as I needed to rinse off from the hike)
12:45 pm - Lunch - bowl of vegetable soup and amazing turkey sandwich
1:15 pm - Lecture by the chef Cameron on how to make the recipes of FR
2:30pm - Cardio intervals
3:30pm - Body Toning
4:30pm - Stretch class
5:45 pm - Dinner - baked penne and chocolate covered strawberries
6:15pm - Lecture on food groups - part 2 of yesterday's on portion control
7:00pm - Water volleyball (did not go as I am too tired)

Everyday you sign up for a hike for the morning - they do this so that they can get vans ready and staff ready to accompany everyone to the park. I chose to do the Stop Sign route again knowing I could take a ton of time off from yesterdays stroll up. So I put on some really fast music, took everything but water out of my camel back, ran 2x on the route for 1/4 mile, focused, didn't chat with anyone and plowed my way up to the top again for a time of EXACTLY THE SAME AS YESTERDAY!! I was so mad because I worked so much harder - the guide at the top says that it is normal - the other ladies who climbed with me had the same issues (except for 1) and they all felt that their legs felt like bricks coming up today - who wouldn't when we worked our asses off yesterday.

My bud Rauni from Vancouver got a photo of a rattlesnake today coming down from Stop Sign route - I saw a cottontail rabbit, roadrunner and gekho (you can hear the coyotes in the morning howling from the hills - cool

I am so tired, I believe this is the most tired I have ever been -during stretch class today the leader let us have a 10 minute lay down as no one could really function after another day of working so hard - not to say that it wrong to work us this hard - it is just like camp, you get a schedule, they keep you moving so you don't get sidetracked or sad about being away from home and you fall asleep fast- I just keep feeling like I am at camp - but a really beautiful location and facility with amazing people.

Had some great chats with Sione and Flippe today about their time on the ranch at the Biggest Loser - they are exactly like they were on the show - fun, funny, honest, and really normal. Sione's wife Britnie is here too and she is terrific and working hard at the classes too.

Tomorrow I have signed up for the West Canyon hike - sort of an introduction to the ones in the hills - 3.6 miles one way - so 7.2 total - no problem now that I am use to over 8 miles a day - my pedometer today read over 2500 calories burned - wow.

Oh, the food is terrific. I love the fact that they post the menu for the day and it is served to you by the staff. They are very quick at clearing and bringing your next item and today's lunch was especially amazing. There is always fruit available if you need it and 1 piece extra is counted into the 1200 calories so I have been taking one for the hike and eating it on the way down. There is also a salad bar at the meals so if you need something extra you can make a plate - I have not done that yet as I am trying to stick to the 1200 calories as that is what I would like to try and do at home.

The cooking lecture today by Cameron; their executive chef was terrific. He modelled for us how to make some of the recipes, showed us the products they use and how to find them at home. FR is dairy free so they use not only soy mild but rice and almond too.

It's 7:15pm and I am home to take my first shower yeap - I told you it is like camp - that is why I chose the water aerobic classes (you can pick it or yoga) so that I can get a rinse off from the hike as you moved right from activity to activity with no time grab a shower.

So happy that I got to sign up for a outing tomorrow night - TARGET - yahoo - will pick up more sun screen as Lennie took it all home from Vegas and the sun here is so bright and hot.

Thank you to everyone who is following the blog and has commented - it is fun to share my adventures.

Cheers for now.