Friday, August 21, 2009

Day 12 - Friday, August 21

Our schedule today was ...
7:00 - gym - need to burn 1000 calories on my own before breakfast - really tough to do
9:30am - Breakfast - sopes (corn/egg thing) with fruit
10:15am - lecture on taking FR home
11:15am - water aerobics
12:30 pm - Lunch - French onion soup with stuff baked potato - could NOT eat it all
1:45 - Open gym
2:30pm - Circuit training
3:30pm - Circuit training
4:30pm - Water Aerobics
5:30 pm - Dinner - BBQ chicken sammie with Magic Brownie.

Well, I am pooped! I had to get up today and try to burn 1000 calories on my own in the gym before breakfast - boring - I tried on the treadmill, step master, elliptical, hiking out back and still on about 750 calories burned. I will have to do classes at home for sure in order to get the calories up.

Emily, their dietitian spoke today again about healthy choices at home - she truly is a wealth of knowledge and a great resource. She continues to say remember 'calories in and calories out' this should be our focus. She also gave us an awesome page of websites to check out and that will help at home. Also, she gave us several week food lists with calorie counts to help us right away. I really like the mantra today; knowledge+motivation+a plan = change - cool eh.
This afternoon I felt terrific after a little lie down and did two circuit trainings in a row - tomorrow everyone who is leaving is getting weighed out - they are all nervous. My weigh out is Sunday morning at 7:05 - will post results for sure. Tomorrow I meet with John my trainer to talk about my exercise plan at home.
We are all excited for tomorrow morning - our last "stop sign" hike - I am aiming for 1:05 but am worried as I am so tired from the tough week. Wish me luck.
Oh, tonight's dinner was amazing -they BBQ chicken and pulled it for a sandwich which as so delicious and then a brownie - yep - a brownie - everyone was so happy. I am investing in a ice cream scoop as I now know that the correct measurement for all food is one scoop - one scoop of rice, chicken, soup etc. is a very healthy amount - now I know!