Friday, March 14, 2014

Week 11 of BZ adventure

March 7 - 14

Saturday, March 8
It was soooo hot. We had our breakfast after sleeping in a it because I had too any drinks last night. We hit the beach and got really burned. I had another spa day so at 4:00 Lennie dropped me off for a facial and hair treatment. He too hit a spa then picked me up for dinner. We went to a wonderful spot and had pizza and beers. We retuned to the loft and Lennie went back to Barbie Q but I was so tired and burned I needed to relax.

Sunday, March 9
Woke up and had our wonderful breakfast at the cafe. Lennie and I wanted to explore more so drove to Kuta. The beaches were so busy so we went back to our favourite "double 6". We spent hours there, drove back to the loft, changed and went for a wonderful dinner at Patty's Burgers. They even had poutine. We went to the Barbie Q for a final drink and returned for a swim at the loft. We saw so many people on mopeds including a family of 4.

Monday, March 10
Today we awoke and packed our bags. Our flight is at 6:55pm so we toured around taking photos and caught a ride to the airport. Bail has been so wonderful, fun, and beautiful. We arrived in Singapore at 9:30 and caught a cab to Kristine's. We bought the kids kites so we built them and had them set up so they could see them in the morning.

Tuesday, March 11
Slept in after we got up and saw the kids off to school. Watched a couple movies till everyone came home from school. We bought everyone a big pasta dinner and we headed out to the night safari with the kids. Bye bye beautiful SE Asia.

Wednesday, March 12
It's flight to Australia Day! What a long day. We left Kristine's at 5:30 and had a terrific flight on qantas airlines to Brisbane landing in the early morning. We have been so lucky to once again have 3 seats to ourselves plus lots of food/drink.

Thursday, March 13
We arrived in Brisbane and caught another flight to Cairns. We have booked a deluxe camper van till April 8 to see all the sites. We have international drivers licences so we can both drive.

The van is small, hot, and right side driving plus a standard. Lennie got the hang of it pretty quickly. We tour around the town and went grocery shopping. We then found a great campsite called Cairns holiday place. It was 30$ a night for water and electricity. Lennie cooked some sausages and I passed out at 7:00pm.

Friday, March 14
We woke up several times in the night because it was so hot but we got a nice breeze about 4:00am. Woke up at 9:00 and had a shower, breakfast, and took off for the sites. We hit the liquor store, PJ O'briens pub where a friend asked us to pop in because he use to work there, and bought tickets for an all day Great Barrier Reef adventure for Sunday. Lennie then found the casino, a pizza place, and we had a great dinner.