Friday, March 7, 2014

Week 10 of BZ adventure

February 28 - March 7

Friday, February 28 Got up and enjoyed a leisurely morning with our safari friends. We ate breakfast, played cards, and each departed from Arusha for the airport. We all left for different adventures.
Lennie and I caught a flight to Ethiopia for our flight to Singapore. It was a long long long day. We had a lay off in Addis Ababa and our flight to Singapore stopped in Bangkok in which most people got off and we had the plane to our selves the rest of the way.

Saturday, March 1
Kristine picked us up at the airport at 6:30 PM and took us on a tour before getting to her home. What a great life they have. We stayed up as late as we could and I went to bed at 11:15. Lennie and Kristine's husband Ryan went to a party at pool area being held by a German family. Lennie had a great time and met some wonderful people. We tried to sleep. Oh, and I returned a book to Kristine I borrowed 7 years ago - I promised I would come to Singapore to return it.

Sunday, March 2
Woke up and stayed in bed till 1:00pm. Kristine had gone for a run and sent the kids to a movie. We showered and when the kids got home we went to the pool. It was nice to relax in the sun and water and meet some friends. Kristine made a wonderful vegetable lasagna and chocolate chip cookies.

Monday, March 3
Today we slept in again as my stomach still wasn't 100%. Kristine's husband Ryan doesn't teach on Mondays so he took us on a tour of their school, dropped us at the botanical gardens and then picked us up later on Orchard Road (the rodeo drive of Singapore) it was so bloody hot we stopped at a 7 11 and got a slushie. Arrived home to hang with the kids and talk to Kristine about life and education inSingapore and had a delicious spaghetti dinner and chocolate cake. Lennie went and played tennis with the boys while Kristine and I walked their 3 dogs then went to see Carmen at gymnastics. She is fantastic at it, Len said Vincent is an amazing tennis player. Both parents are so fit and athletic their kids had to be.

Tuesday, March 4
Today Lennie and I caught a cab to the Singapore flyer. It is the tallest Ferris wheel in the world. What a view we got. We also went to the Marina Bay Sands hotel, casino, and shopping centre. I finally got to have a Singapore Sling!

Wednesday, March 5
We have packed and organized for our trip to Bali. I was very lazy today and slept till noon then lounged around the pool. The kids came home from school, we had a delicious curry for dinner then they went to swimming while Kristine and I looked at jobs at international schools. Kids came home, we had chocolate chops cookies and laughed. They are so freaking adorable.

Thursday, March 6
At noon caught our flight to Bali. We got picked up at the airport by our driver and taken to our apartment Lennie rented. It was a 2 storey beauty. Lennie found this apartment called Balcony Living. 2. Storeys, kitchen, pool, air, gorgeous.

I jumped in the pool while Lennie walked around finding us a place for dinner. I really can't believe we are here. We walked 5 minutes up the road to a place called Barbie Q and we had drinks and dinner for cheap cheap cheap.

Friday, March 7
We woke up and realized we needed a moped to get around.

We leased one for 6$ day and spent the morning driving around and at the beach. I bought some beautiful jewelry and scarfs.

We also booked a couple massage, mani/pedi at BodyWorks the big spa here in Seminyaka.

It was wonderful and just like a travel magazine, we then went for dinner at a wonderful place called Rumours then back to Barbie Q for a night cap where we face timed the Grump, Renee, Scotty, Megan, and Kevin. So fun to talk to people thru that app.