Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Week 3 of BZ adventure

January 3 - 10, 2014

This week is brought to you by the letter C; beach condo, head cold, root canal, closure, contemplation.

Lennie and I knew on this sabbatical we wanted to see if retiring to Florida would be an option for us like my parents enjoy so much. We rented a beautiful condo in Indian Hills on the beach and moved in this week to experience beach snowbird life. It's pretty sweet let me tell you!

Unfortunately, I had woken up Sunday morning with unbelievable face pain and swelling leading to a hospital visit, diagnosis of a dental abscess and subsequent root canal today. I am a tough cookie but this was unbelievable pain and swelling. It wouldn't stop hurting needing lots of meds and even my eye was shut. It took forever for the infection to die down so I had to wait till today for the procedure.

I received wonderful care from Manatee memorial hospital, Dr. Spice, an oral surgeon, and eventually Dr Duerson and his team and Lakewood Ranch Endodontics. I walked in and everyone took great care to help with my pain and reassurance that I will be ok.

This week also brought us sad news from home that a wonderful family friend, former principal, and curling coach died in London so we drove my mom to the airport to catch a flight home to celebrate his life. Bob Leatham gave Lennie and I teaching placements at his school when we were in teacher's college and we have always been grateful to him for taken a chance on us in his school.

Another thing I wanted to do while in Florida was to see a skin cancer specialist. I got 2 visits with Dr. Kadivar and his wonderful team at where he took off 2 "highly suspicious" growths. I have had some basal cell carcinomas before so am not taking anymore chances. Turns out I was right. The one on my arm took 5 stitches and was benign but the one on my head was not. 6 stitches later... It looks bad but he did a great job. Stitches out next week for both.

This week also saw a lot of contemplation. We talked about retirement, our health, careers, stress, and money. When you have lots of down time you can talk lots plus get lots of advice from my parents.

Long tough week but still nice to be with my family and Leo here in the south. Next week brings us more time at the condo and lots of great beach weather.