Sunday, December 22, 2013

Week 1 of BZ adventure

December 20th 3:30pm
December 22 3:30pm
December 20 - 27, 2013

We drove with my brother aka "the Grump" to Florida to see my parents. Took us 21.5 hours non stop with no problems. Got there in 30 degree weather, hit the pool, casino, shopping and most of all rested.  We knew we needed some rest before we started own other adventures. My parents are doing great and we celebrated Christmas with so much fun.

This is our gazillion time coming for Christmas and that way my parents don't have to fly home for the holiday. It's nice to have a second car to bomb around in and that way the boys can go fishing and golfing with the car and we are not suck at the house. We also can bring lots of stuff with us and are not limited to the weight restrictions of an airline.

The best of this week was that we got to eat and rest a lot. Our eating and sleeping habits at home are terrible and my parents make sure we get 3 awesome, healthy, home cooked meals a day plus sleep in past 9:00am. My mom is an amazing cook so we enjoyed all our favourites plus consumed lots of fruit and veggies.

We also are beginning our training regime for the Kilimanjaro hike by walking kms a day.

Great start to our holidays and sabbatical.