Saturday, October 20, 2012

Chicago Marathon 2012

Yep, I did it. I ran, I mean jogged, ok walked a bit too, finishing my 3rd marathon. The time does not matter but it does suck and I didn't make the paper this time :( I had a really angry blog to post because of how the race unfolded and then adding insult to injury I didn't get a medal (they ran out at the 6:13 mark) ((the photo above is with a stranger's medal I asked to borrow for this photo)) but I realized I was feeling sorry for myself and was being a baby, so I deleted the post.

I can't blame anyone or Chicago for my race or results.

This was not an easy running season. No need for the gory details but me getting to the start line is a bit of a miracle and crossing the finish line is really even more amazing. I was running for the REACH thyroid research team and didn't want to let anyone down so plodded through the tough training cycle.

Not having run at all till June was problem #1, being more tired than normal after each run requiring more rest was problem #2 and, running every single run for 19 weeks alone except for 1 was huge problem #3.

I was sick for months and it really didn't get anything resolved until late May with a stupid GI surgery, gallstones, and a ton of tests. Having no thyroid, Crohn's disease and "chick" issues took months to deal with and took its toll.

But, I was determined to "get to the start line and cross the finish line". I did, and I can say I am a 3 time marathoner.

The expo was terrific with all the runners names written on the Nike wall again and cool social media interactive booths.
The weekend was wonderful with Kevin and the family spoiling us from Friday to Monday.

A wonderful carb load dinner was my favourite along with a surprise birthday celebration after the race for my 44th.
I also got one of my favourite photos ever of me and Mr Fun. At mile 11 he followed me, video taping me as I passed and my mom and cousins were making us laugh as I passed saying I was "almost there".

In two weeks I head to NYC for their marathon and a wonderful trip with my mom.