Thursday, February 23, 2012

Finally About Mr Fun

I have chatted a little bit about my husband over the years but have never given him too many props.  But, this past weekend he did something that deserves mentioning and some recognition.

Lennie (aka Mr. Fun) posted the following quote on my Facebook page Sunday morning while we are on vacation.  He says he read it on someone else's page and needed to share it with me knowing that I can't stand the look of my neck or the whole thyroid thing that I continue to struggle with.  

Who does this??!!  What a guy?!! I give him such a hard time - so I thought to show him how much I appreciate him for who he is,  I had to share with all of you a little bit about Mr. Fun and just how amazing he is.
Yep, this is our engagement photo from 1993 - we were both a tad cheesy at the time.  We met at UWO and were both in the same PE classes together and met October 1988.  
I have to admit that he is smarter than me.  His marks were higher than mine in university and his math ability is amazing.  
I won't mention any of his shortcomings here since this is a celebration blog about him but some of them do involve being a tad messy, being on the phone a ton, and arriving home late.  
But enough about those small things....
We got married in London in 1993 after we both graduated from teacher's college.  What a great day it was and we had a celebration in my parent's backyard and then dinner at UWO.  People from all over came and we celebrated for hours and really a couple of days because Lennie's family and friends from Quebec were here and they know how to party.
He will kill me for saying this but he cried through his vows and we laugh about the fact that we do not think we are legally married because he never really said "I do".  Everyone thought it was great that he cried.
Lennie is a hugely generous guy and participates in many charity events.  My favourite is the "MOVEMBER" one, each November where he gets to grow a mustache - he actually looks good in real life with one but he shaves it funny like hockey players from the 70s.

He also donates to all the crazy activities I participate in annually and even models in charity fashion shows when asked.
Lennie is always go go go.  Playing hockey several times a week, coaches a ton, and working a second job that he loves at the Alibi for the past 22 years.

Needless to say on Valentine's Day when I snapped this photo of him after he fell asleep, he deserved the rest.
Len is an outstanding educator and was a deserving nominee for the Award of Distinction at work last year.  My parents and I attended the event and we were all so proud that a parent group and his colleagues recognized him for his hours of extra curricular work, dedication to students, and his fellow teachers.   
At one point in our careers we taught at the same school together.  I taught grade 7 and he taught grade 8.  It was awesome because the whole division bonded and did a ton of great activities together for the kids.  What was great was that I got to see him with kids and how he helped get them prepare for high school.

Len is a very talented artist.  Drawing, sketching and real lifes are his specialty.
This is a picture he drew this past summer for Scott and Meg's son.  It is gorgeous and so realistic.

I am still waiting for him to illustrate a children's book we started many years ago - it will be amazing when we get it done.
Lennie is an excellent son, brother, brother in law, cousin, son in law, and friend.  He would never let anyone down.  You would be hard pressed to find ANYONE who does not like him - except for a couple of goalies who can't stand his goal scoring prowess :)

One of Lennie's oldest and dearest buds is Roger from Montreal.  We do not get to see him nearly enough but Lennie thinks about him often and they call and chat on the phone a ton.  What I love best is that when they get together is just like they are 12 years old again.

This is my favourite recent photo of Lennie while we were on vacation in Florida.
I must admit that he is always right - I never want to do anything fun and he always reassures me that our adventures will be great and they always are.
This past Christmas we drove to Florida and spent a couple of extra days in Naples in which we swam, ate, and relaxed with friends.

We talk often how we will retire to Florida and live the good life.

Lennie is a dog guy.

At least that what he says but I have the photos to prove otherwise.  When we adopted our cats Tigger and Winnie, he and Tigger where inseparable for almost 18 years.

Dog guy my butt!
In 2008 we had the hair brained idea to renew our wedding vows in Vegas.  We invited a ton of family and friends to join us and we had hilarious days of fun.  We asked that everyone dress in 70s attire and meet us at the Vegas sign where Elvis performed the renewal ceremony and then we all went out for dinner.

Just trying to find the clothes before we all went was fun enough but seeing everyone in their costumes, meeting Elvis, and stopping traffic on the main road was the best part of the day.

Of course it was his idea.  See, he is Mr. Fun and I wouldn't want him to change one bit - messy et al.