Friday, January 20, 2012

10 Things I Think I Love About Running

While checking out one of my favorite iPad apps; ZITE tonight I found a terrific blog post at He is a marathon runner and has a terrific blog that I now follow. He was posting his top 10 list about his love of running to keep himself inspired.

Last week Lennie and I started a new 10k running clinic with the Running Room. Lennie has never run before but he thought as a Christmas gift it would be great to do one together. Turns out that he is fantastic at running, unfortunately has a bad knee, and didn't realize how hard it was to run. As a great, frequent hockey player, he thought that his physical strength from hockey would carry over into running. After he ran his first 6k he said, "I respect you even more now for running 42 of those." It was hilarious to see him struggle to get up the stairs for the first couple of days. He then commented "I have never relied on handrails so much in my life." Too funny to hear him moaning and groaning about sore muscles. asked his Twitter followers to help him stay motivated and he got a response from @TriMeOn who suggested that he "list ten things you love about running……..”. I decided that to keep myself moving forward and excited about running that I would do the same thing. 

We all know that I do not love running but am trying it for a couple of years to see if it is something I can see myself doing for many more years to come.  Being "big" and the thyroid thing do not help provide success in this sport.  Runners are fit, lean, fast and a tad crazy and I am only a few of those things :) Making this list helps me realize that running is great and I love the people and success of it but not necessarily the work involved.

10 Things I Think I Love About Running...

...being able to drink lots of chocolate milk
...talking about running with Lish and Lindsay
...being in Springbank Park for hours on end
...tracking my mileage on
...pushing myself during tempo runs
...wearing capri tights
...finish line photos
...the Port Stanley Sunday summer runs
...the look on people's faces when they find out I am a marathoner Garmin watch

I could go on and on and will continue to focus on how fun races are, the wonderful friends I have made, and that it has added years to my life.

What would be on your love of running list?