Friday, July 1, 2011

Reality Check

Just saw my blog's running countdown meter and noticed that today is 100 days until my next marathon.

Chicago 2011 is going to be amazing. Lennie is coming with me again and my big brother Jeff says he is coming to see what all this marathon stuff is all about. I think this will blow his mind when he sees 45,000 people pass him while Lennie drags him around the city to see me pass by.

Ran 22km this morning as part of our running plan. Feeling great and strong.

The only yucky thing right now is that my hair is falling out because of my meds so it am going to cut it all off on July 8th. Should be interesting to not have long hair that I have had to deal with for so long. Maybe it will make me faster :) I do know that it gets really heavy from sweating so much. I know I will be looking like a boy for a while but the holes on my head right now are getting hard to cover. I am just going to cut it short and live with it for a while until the radiation and cancer stuff is over.

Hugs to all.