Sunday, June 12, 2011

"Heyyyyy Mr. Postman la la la"

I love snail mail, yep I said it, I love snail mail.  In this world of instant, immediate and right freaking now...I love getting stuff in my "normal house mailbox".  My favourite letters are Christmas cards.  As most know, Lennie and I send almost 100 cards a year including a photo and letter and we love to let everyone share in our year and hear our goals for the next.  I love getting Christmas cards that have photos of people's kids in them as Lennie and I are always amazed at how much they grow over the year and how much they look like their parents.  Lennie and I often race to the mailbox to be the first to see what we received.  Recently, there has been very little except ads or flyers as it is just not the way that people communicate anymore.  A couple of thank you cards and wedding invitations have graced our box but that is about it.  Until now...

In Canada right now there is a huge postal strike with rotating strikes throughout the provinces so I was little bummed that not much mail would come in this week.  I have been waiting for a letter from the endocrinologist to confirm my radiation stuff and a letter from Airmiles for a hotel stay we have booked, but nothing. 

Until now....surprise, it was just like Christmas around here.  3 days, 3 awesome things.

Firstly, was the July issue of Runner's World magazine.  An entire issue dedicated to cancer and I am so proud to be seen on page 87 under the Comeback article.  Huge highlight for me and my family in this somewhat dark period.  Back in April, I received an e-mail request to speak to their senior editor Christine about an article for the issue on tips for cancer patients who are still training while going through treatment.  We spoke on the phone and I submitted photos for the article and I was a tad disappointed that no photo made it but a quote is just too cool for words.  I continue to love Runner's World for their classy mag and amazing story writing.  I will get a photo in there some day but for now...thrilled with a quote.

Second to arrive was the official 2010 Chicago Marathon finisher's guide and I too am found in the pages.  So pleased to have run, finished and qualified for the guide (if you finish under 6:30 you make it)((let's just say that I was a tad too close for comfort)).  I am already planning on moving up the ranks in the 2011 finishers guide as I was on the last page of this one.  5:45 is totally possible and I can already picture myself crossing the line in October.

Lastly, a package from my brother and sister-in-law in Victoria arrived.  They send us great stuff monthly including photos, cards and always cute drawings made by our niece Felicity.  This month was a tad different as their package contained a beautiful doll cut out made by Fel and gifts for my husband as it was his birthday.  The highlight was a shirt that they found and sent and I freaking LOVE IT and will wear it everywhere.  I am wearing it to the movies this afternoon and I am sure no one will tell me I curse too much when I am wearing this.

Thanks Mr. or Mrs. Postman for making it to my door this week.  

Next week, could you please bring me my test results from the endocrinologist and then everything will be perfect.