Friday, February 11, 2011

Legacy? Do I have one to leave?

Had an amazing meeting this morning in which I was challenged once again to think about the term LEGACY.

Do I have one? Do I want to leave one? What is mine? What should I be doing now to establish what mine will be? Do I need one for my life? Work? Family? What is yours? Any resources I should be checking out in order to get a better understanding of the complexity?

Funny how you think you got it going on and then the colonel gets you to think deeper. Thanks colonel but now I will be awake at night pondering this new vision I need to iron out.
Obviously, I want my legacy to be something about lasting leadership but I continue to try to figure what kind of leadership style I have, like and aspire to leave for others.

Is legacy something you design purposefully or is it something that is innate in all of us?
Do I just want to be known as someone who cared deeply for others? Do I want people to remember me as someone who wanted others to be happy? Thrive? Have purpose?

I really want to be remembered as a teacher, daughter, wife, sister and friend. But I do not think that is enough. What I have done in those various roles to help others needs to be my legacy. Stay tuned for the discovery process.