Monday, February 7, 2011

Chicago 2011

I am so thrilled to share that I have registered for the Chicago 2011 marathon. February 1st, the portal opened up at midnight but I waited till the morning to sign up (it fills up really fast so you have to decide right away).

What is great is that Alicia and Lindsay signed up again too PLUS our friends Kellie, Camille and Scott then my friends Kathryn and John emailed to say that they were in too.

I have emailed Lennie's cousin Kevin to ask if we can come back and "ditto" last year's weekend. It was so great to stay with them and have so many fans on the route.

I am feeling 95% after the thyroid and girlie surgeries. Have worked out but not on full throttle yet - this Sunday I am back at 100%.

This year I am running the marathon with a different mental state. Now that I know I can run the race, this year I am going to run it well, for me to prove to myself that I am a runner not just a finisher.

Stay tuned for details on our running club we are forming BadAss Runners. Sweet!