Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 21 - Last moments

Calories in - 1221
Calories out - 2000

Breakfast - bowl of fruit with granola
Lunch - Pumpkin soup and Hummus
Dinner - BBQ Chicken Sandwich Chocolate Bananas

Got up at 4:30am and ran my 18 miles again. I did the same route as last week - the 3 sets of 6 miles. It started great but by the 3 trip around I was DONE!!! We are all done. Everyone is tired, pooped and ready to go home. We didn't get home last night till after 11:00pm from the Tarzan show - which was amazing by the way - so I am working on very little sleep. I did my laundry, got packed and hair done this afternoon and then went to the dinner and graduation.

We all shared our successes here at Fitness Ridge and there was not a dry eye in the house when several speeches were said. Lots of hugs and love in the room. I am still shocked at the hikes that I participated in - especially this last week with 6 very fast crazy people. I am also proud that I continued to train for the marathon while doing all of the activities. Lastly, I never missed a class, lecture, meal or cheated in anyway. I kept to the schedule and even though near the end I was truly "done", I kept on going - yahhho me!

After grad we all went bowling and kicked some butt even winning $20 - 5 from each player in the last game.

These photos are from some of our hikes this week. As you can see, it is a tad scary in some places as it is steep and you can slip at any time, but it is so great when you get to the top and get the group shot.
Also, I have attached the photo of my buds Robert and Daniel - they were so much fun to hang with and made me laugh most of the time!!!

I am very excited to leave tomorrow morning on the shuttle to Vegas for the flight to Detroit. It is going to be a long day but I will be happy to sleep in you own bed with my family and see my cat.

I will post my 21 day results as soon as I am home so we all can celebrate but really it is not about the numbers this time. I am feeling so strong, positive and full of knowledge to continue to create a healthy lifestyle for myself. Thank you everyone for your support and love while I was away.