Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Photos so far

Here is one of the residences. It holds 40 people and there are currently 2 on campus - some people stay off campus and participate in the program - I am glad that I stay here to easily moved from event to event and activity to activity.

Here is my roomie Tamara from Iowa but she was born in Alabama and has a wicked accent. She is a great athlete and does all the hard hikes - good news is she does not snore.

Here I am with our buds Flippe and Sione from the Biggest Loser season 6. They called me their Canadian cousin because as you can see, I have gotten quite tanned from being in the pool a million times for water aerobics - they were so much fun

Here is part of lunch today - yummy pizza!!

Check out this view from the front of the building - these cliffs are huge, red, and look like the volcanic rock that people put in their flower beds.

Here is my buddy Shane from Chicago - she is the one who smuggled in her coffee maker - she thinks really positively and makes us all feel great about our success.