Saturday, July 29, 2017

Day 6 - learner

Our final day together began with 7:00 am yoga and it was so peaceful.  Just like anything that you have stopped for a while but really love, this morning's yoga practice was the best one yet.  I felt so much more flexible, strong, and relaxed. It was a perfect way to set up our last day.

One of the things I did was capture this video of the studio from my perspective.  I thought that if I had this to watch every once in a while, it will help we get back to a place mentally that was so positive, happy, and helpful.  I loved where I sat for the week.

Breakfast was delicious and we finished our jigsaw puzzle.  I quickly showered and packed up all my stuff to get ready for our final practice and session at 10:00.  It began with all of us suppose to be in silence but everyone was in such a great mood Liz had to let us chat it all out.  We completed our check in sheets and met in pairs to debrief.  I got to chat with a guest I hadn't spent too much time with and of course she was amazing and I wished I had gotten to know her better. We did numerous practices and group discussions.  

Liz obviously has done this workshop many times and knew the right amount of questions to ask and activities to do to help us come to closure.  An important piece was when she had us get up and move from our week long nests to a new area in the studio.  We had all occupied the same space for so long, when we were forced to sit somewhere else, it helped us have another perspective.  Powerful stuff.

Our time ended with a candle ceremony in which we were asked to share 1 word to describe ourselves now that the program had come to an end.  Once we shared our word, we lit a candle and created a beautiful circle of light in the middle of the room.  I chose the word LEARNER because as the week progressed it was so nice to recognize that I was able to not have to be a leader of anything but just sit and be a learner.  Not being accountable for so much or for so many allowed me to find peace and strength I hadn't felt in years. I teared up quite a bit when we all joined hands and look at everyone in the eyes (like we did yesterday at the end of the silent practice).  I really loved these people and especially Liz as she is so freaking wise.  I want a shirt that says "What would Liz do?" to remind myself of all the lessons learned.

What was super special was the fact that my cabin mate had snuck a gift in my book but what she didn't know was that I had bought a card and gift for her and placed it in her luggage too. Then at the end of the circle ceremony she gave me a drawing she had made (a lot of people doodled or coloured during sessions) that I will frame and put in my new space in our basement. What a gift to have such a wonderful, patience, kind, and so freaking funny roommate for the week.

After the ceremony we ate a late lunch, packed our cars, said our goodbyes and all drove away.  Emotionally drained I got home at 9:15 and was happy to see my husband and cats and start to arrange how to incorporate all these lessons at home.

One of my favourite weeks ever.

Tomorrow I will summarize the week and post some poetry shared, the best Liz quotes, why others should really consider attending and how to make the most of your time there.