Saturday, February 22, 2014

Week 8 - day 7 of BZ adventure

Friday, February 20

Hiking time: 3.5 hours
Total distance: 12km
Starting attitude: 3100m
Final altitude: 1980m
Habitat: montane - rain forest

We awoke after having a good sleep. Bed by 11:00pm and took some more Advil, used more bath wipes and wore the ear plugs/eye patch, plus it wasn't too cold.
Breakfast was at 7:00am of porridge, sweet crispy bread and eggs. We packed our bags and day packs for the last time and we were off down the mountain after giving our tips to the porters and guides. They sang us an awesome song that I had seen on YouTube that other Trekkers had posted, but I cried seeing it in real life.

No one could walk. Everyone was so tired, stiff, dirty, and just plain exhausted. But it was 12kms of stairs down. My knees, ankles, blistered hands from the poles all killed but I stuck with the group to enjoy our final day.

We arrived at the gates after 3.5 hours and what a joy. So many people there celebrating and they had a lunch prepared for us. It was delicious, and egg frittata thingie and we loved it. Everyone lined up to get their completion certificates and we got into the van to get taken back to the hotel. Yucky, so many people stinky and gross the van smelled but we all smelled so their was no now to blame.

The ride was a wonderful 35 minutes down the road and through the town of Moshi. School was getting out, people preparing for the weekend, and all the wonderful sites and sounds from a week ago but different now. I realize they are such happy and humble people. I felt safe and not scared. They are so proud of their mountain, families, and their culture.

We arrived at the Stella Maris hotel to a welcoming party, cold beers, and lots of stories. Everyone received their certificates (I was so jealous).

We showered, relaxed and met for dinner at 7:00. More laughs, stories, and exchanging of emails. Steve, Alex, Lennie and I went upstairs to played cards and got excited for our safari tomorrow.

Totals 62km up and 30km down

So many lessons learned, don't tell my mom but I am coming back to do the Marangu Route as the CEOs said I could do that no problem.