Saturday, February 22, 2014

Week 8 - day 5 of BZ adventure

Wednesday, February, 17

Hiking time: 10 hours
Total distance: 13 km
Starting attitude: 3950m
Final altitude: 4550m
Habitat: alpine desert

Well I finally had a good sleep. Took an Advil, wore ear plugs, and my eye patch. Think I got 4-5 hours thank goodness as today was huge. We all tackled the Baranga wall which was a 1000m high sheer tower. Terrifying but felt great to accomplish. After the wall we hiked up to a beautiful spot for lunch, I was last and was accompanied again by Baraka and Dennis the doctor but I did ok until I sat down to eat. They had made chicken and fries but I felt yucky and my legs were seizing up. We were at 4000m and the nausea was still there so I didn't eat much lunch.

We were off again for the afternoon to get to base camp. A lot of ups and downs and even a flat area followed by sheer wall again. At the top was the camp that you could see, what a tease as they are much farther away then you think. I made it to the top by 5:00pm but it took me 30 minutes to get to our tent as it was far across the camp. This camp was gross, busy, dirty, lawful bathrooms, and dangerous as there were shale rocks everywhere. I was done!!!!!! I didn't even go to dinner. They brought me some soup and a bun and I knew I needed to eat it so I did. The mountain was just behind us but I was so tired, wet, and mad, I just stayed in the tent.

So then the worse happened, they shared that in 4 hours I will be woken up to attempt a summit hike. WHAT!!! I haven't recovered from Monday!!!! I have no dry clothes. Dennis said that the cooks could dry my stuff over the stoves so I gave him all my stuf and said I need dry stuff or I couldn't go. Lennie helped me get my back packed, water organized, and clothes layered. I tried to sleep till 11:30pm.